Animal Biohazards and Waste Clean Up

​We use the most advanced and safest techniques to clean up animal feces, debris, and contaminated materials.  Animal biohazards should always be taken care of by a professional wildlife technician who specializes in biohazards and has the proper equipment and training to get the job done safely.

Home Sale/Purchase Wildlife Inspection

​We offer new home buyers or sellers a graded inspection report that details the entire  home you are looking to buy or sale.  We make sure your investment is safe for you and your loved ones from past and present critters.  This service prevents future unforeseen expenses and headaches that can be avoided with our inspection prior to moving in or selling a property.


​Critter Removers offers thousands of different products to help protect your home or business.  With a critter inspection we can consult to determine the most practical products to use that best suits your home or business needs.

Complete Critter Proofing

With a critter inspection we will go over your entire home or business in detail to determine which solutions or products best fit your homes needs to protect your investment.

Animal Inspection

Here at Critter Removers we have the expertise to determine what kind of critter(s) are invading your home.  We do a full thorough inspection of premises to determine what solutions are needed.

Complete Pest and Insect Control and Prevention

Our comprehensive pest control services include interior and exterior pest control and bug extermination.  All of our pest control services products are pet safe and child safe.  We are constantly testing new products to stay ahead of our competition.  You can be confident the service techniques administered in your home meet or in most cases exceed all state and federal regulations and safety application guidelines.

Animal Removal

We are licensed and insured and specialize in animal removal.  We can remove any animal any time, from any place.

Dead Animal Removal and Odor Control

The effective removal of dead animals entails the proper disposal of carcasses and disinfecting of surrounding areas. As a property owner you should never handle dead animals, even with gloves on. Property owners should rely on professional wildlife specialists to remove animal carcasses. Here at Critter Removers we have all the tools and experience necessary to safely, legally, and sanitarily dispose of any dead animals as well as the removal of associated odors.

Complete Attic Restoration
We use the most technologically advanced blown in insulation product on the market.  Our blown in insulation not only keeps your home warm and cool it will also kill spiders and other insects that try to inhabit your home.  In some cases we will need to remove some or all of the old insulation and install new insulation because of all the bacteria that the insulation will retain from the urine and feces. The insulation will need to be installed in the correct manner and brought back to it's original R value.  We will make sure your home is comfortable and your attic is back to normal and protected.

Wildlife Damage Repair

Wildlife removal and wildlife repair go hand in hand. Catching wildlife without repairing the problem that allowed the animals to enter your building or home in the first place is a waste of time and money. Without the proper repair to entry points and damaged areas, nuisance wildlife will be able to get back into your home or building as quickly as the previous wildlife was removed. This is why most wildlife removal jobs also require repair and preventative maintenance to keep the problem from arising again in the future.